Inspiration can come from anywhere and probably when you least expect it. What inspires you is a very personal thing and depends on many things. How you see the world, what mood you are in, how busy you are. Take time to explore the world around you. Try to see everything is a new way and try to notice colour, lines, marks, shape, form, pattern, texture and proportion.

Take every opportunity to visit

Get lost in Nature, she has wonderful examples of colour relationships and exquisite patterns.

Look at the world around you. Peeling paint, tree bark, the pattern on the bottom of a jar (we recommend you put the lid back on before turning it upside down).

There's a surprise round every corner!

Record what you see, take photographs, make sketches. Don't stash them away in a drawer or buried with a zillion other photos on your computer. Keep them handy, sort and store them so you have easy access.

Add them to your portfolio, keep design sketchbooks. Whatever works for you. You can then use them as a starting point to inspire your own designs.