We have explored:-

  • what colour is and how we see it,
  • colour systems, attributes & characteristics
  • the colour wheel
  • colour values and harmonies
  • how colour affects how we see things and feel about an object
  • how to select colours to get the effect we want.

Now, you can now make better informed decisions about colour for your own designs. Keep on experimenting with using colour in different ways in your chosen craft.

Activity - Create a simple design

you will need

what to do

Choose one of the simple designs from the file linked above and use it to create at least 3 different colour schemes. Select the one you like best or seems most appropriate for your craft. Select appropriate materials that could be used to create your design in your chosen craft.

Make a maquette or sample board of your selected design in the materials you chose.

Add your work, or photographs of it, to your portfolio. Share your thoughts on why you chose the scheme you liked best and the materials you chose.

You have now completed the module all about colour.