This course introduces you to the way in which design ideas develop so that you can take them forward into your chosen craft.

By exploring some simple design elements you will discover how to select and combine these building blocks in order to develop design ideas that tell the story of, and evoke the desired emotional response to, your work.

You don't have to be a City & Guilds student to do this course, everyone is welcome to do it just for fun.


By the end of this course you will be able to confidently create designs for your craft items that;

  • show a developing sense of personal style
  • incorporate appropriate design elements that evoke the desired emotional response to your work

You will also have created your Design Portfolio ready for assessment towards your City & Guilds Design and Craft level 2 qualification.


Take a look at this video for a sneak preview at the course content


It should take about 30 hours in total to complete this course. You may find that your having so much fun experimenting with stuff along the way that it takes a lot longer!

There are activities for you to complete throughout the course. There are no right or wrong answers. Use them as a roadmap for discovery and experimentation. They will help you develop your own sense of design style and you will be creating the stuff you need for your portfolio.



Design for craft is a common unit for all City & Guilds Design And Craft qualifications. It combines all the requirements for assessment  at Level 1 - Exploring Design Ideas and Level 2 - Developing Design Ideas. and can be applied to whatever your craft whether it's bookbinding, fashion, ceramics, textiles, woodwork, flower arranging etc. or any of the other City & Guilds offerings. You will need to register for Assessment with the appropriate assessment body for your craft. Speak to your Craft Tutor for details on how to do that. 


Let's get started with your first activity.