Patterns are the repetition of one or more motifs. They can be used as decoration, a technique of composition, or as an entire piece of artwork. Patterns are diverse and useful as a tool that grab attention, be it subtle or apparent. They set the rhythm for our craft work. They can be constructed from a simple shape or a complex combination of the elements of lines, shapes, marks or colours.

They could be drawn, painted, photos, images, designs. They can be two or three dimensional.

Their only limit is our imaginations.

Patterns are all around us. They can be geometric, like the squares on a chess board, or organic as in the array of seeds on a sunflower head. They can be ordered or random, purposeful or abstract, simple or complicated.

Here are some examples of pattern styles

Breaking up a pattern with an unexpected irregularity, for example a burst of colour or a missing motif, can add an accent touch.If the contrast is high, this can have a real WOW impact and really grab the attention.Or, it could be more subtle and low key. Either way it brings added interest to the pattern.

Take a moment to enjoy this playful rhombus making patterns